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Quarry Permit

Form L

Application For Quarry Permit

General Part
1 I/we submit an application for quarry permit. *
(mineral) for a term of *
Years over *
2 A sum of Rs. payable as fee for the grant of such permit under rule 6 of Gujarat Minor Mineral concession Rules 2010 has been paid in the Government Treasury at *
and the receipted challan is enclosed. *
3 The required particulars are given below: Name of Applicant, stating whether he or it is an individual, firm : Company or Society *
3(i) Nationality of the individual or place of registration or incorporation of firm, company or society
3(ii) Profession of the applicant
3(iii) Address of the applicant
3(iv) Minor Mineral/minerals which the applicant intends to quarry
3(V) Approximate quantity of mineral expected to be raised during the first year
3(vi) Whether royalty on the material has been paid; if so, give details.
Required Ton *
Challan No
Challan Date
3(vii) Details of the area from which the mineral are to be removed
District *
Taluka *
Village *
Survey No *
Whether a quarry exists in the area
Whether the applicant worked in the area previously
3(viii) Period of validity of the quarry permit
3(ix) Has the applicant any quarry permit or quarry permit in force? If so, please give details
3(x) Purpose for which the mineral is to be used, give full details
3(xi) Is the plan of the area enclosed? (The plan should be on the relevant portion of the cadastral village map so as to enable the area to be identified from surface features etc.)
3(xii) If the land is an occupied land, has the occupant's willingness been ascertained and his letter of consent enclosed?
3(xiii) If the land is an agricultural land has the permission of the revenue authorities been obtained for converting the same for non‐agricultural purpose?
4 Mobile No *
5 Email *
6 PAN No *
7 TAN No


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