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Areas of Activities

There are three wings in the Laboratory which carries out mineral analytical work, rock identification and establishment of Lithology. All the three wings perform physico chemical study of rocks, mineral and clays and quick appraisal of geological set-up.


Megascopic examinations of sample are carried out for its color, grain size, textures, structure, reaction with certain chemicals etc. and to identify the rocks and minerals. Optical properties under polarizing microscope are examined to identify the mineral assemblages in rocks.

Mineral Chemistry:

Mineral chemical analysis is carried by volumetric, gravimetric and calorimetric procedures as per ISI methods. By above methods, existence of different radicals and their percentage are determined. Physico-Chemical characterization study of minerals and clays are carried out for its industrial applications.

Remote Sensing:

With the help of satellite imagery and aerial Photographs, comprehensive geological maps are prepared indicating regional stratigraphic and structural continuity of rock types. It associate itself in the technological advancements by taking up collaborative projects with Indian Space Research Organisation (I.S.R.O) Ahmedabad, Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre (R.R.S.S.) Bangalore and Indian Insititue of Technology (IIT) Mumbai etc. for speedy identification of Lithology.