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Mineral Administration

In Gujarat we have 32 districts, in these Districts various kinds of minerals & rocks are available. These minerals are major & minor minerals.

Mineral name Mineral name Mineral name Mineral name Mineral name Mineral name
Agate Carbonaceous Shale Gabbro Lithomergic Clay Other Building Stone Slate
Ball Clay Chalk Granite Marble Phyllite Soap Stone
Bentonite China Clay Granophyre Mica Pipe Clay Talc
Black Stone Clay (others) Gravel Molding Sand Pozzolanic Clay Trachyte
Black trap Diatomaceous Earth Gypsum Murrum Quartz White Clay
Brick Dolerite Hard Murrum Naliya Quartzite
Brick Clay Dolomite Kaolin Natural Clay Quartzite pebbles
Brick earth Felspar Laterite Ochre Red Clay
Calcareous Sand Fire clay Limekankar Ordinary Clay Sandstone
Calcite Fullers earth Limestone Ordinary Sand Silica Sand
Mineral name
Basemetal Ore
Limestone Major
Manganese Ore

To grant mining lease, quarry lease, quarry permit and the area to be given by auction is governed at district office.
In this district offices monitoring of these lease and the illegal mining are taken care of.

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To govern these quarry lease and mining lease central/government has framed acts & rules. These are as follows:

Act & Rules

Mineral concessions which are granted are as under:

  • Mining Lease by auction.
  • Quarry Lease of sand by auction.
  • Quarry lease another minor minerals.
  • Quarry permit of minor minerals for contract base work.
  • Quarry parvana.

For more detail, refer Gujarat Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2015.

To stop the minerals trading individual, entrepreneur and contractor has to register as per Gujarat Mineral Rules 2015 (Prevention of illegal mining transportation & storage)