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E Governance

INTEGRATED LEASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is to enable the Department of Geology and Mining department to regulate the mining activities through electronic mode. In past, each and every activity were managed and processed manually at the offices and in field.

  • The primary aim of the ILMS is to replace traditional manual processes by a web-based application which is faster and more efficient. It covers services such as
  • e-Payment,
  • e-Royalty pass,
  • e-Return system,
  • e-Demand register,
  • Online Lease/Permit application etc.
  • Put up in one single portal for lease holders and other stakeholders of Geology & Mining in Gujarat State.
  • All other public information such as block notification of major/minor minerals, e-auction details, mineral advertisements etc. are also in public domain.
  • e-Payment provides facility to transfer 9 types of payments through RTGS/NEFT from leaseholder’s bank account into CGM’s Virtual Account
  • RTO Integration
  • e-Royalty Pass System (ATR – All Time Royalty Pass) provides
  • web-based interface for leaseholders to issue royalty passes having a unique barcode/QR code based id.
  • The leaseholders now have the facility to submit their returns online through e-Return.
  • Demand Register has been developed as a provision of online/offline information transaction recording framework, to maintain leaseholder’s account details of production, dispatch and collection, interest, sale value etc as per rules of Gujarat minor mineral concession rules (GMMCR) 2010.
  • e-Delivery Challan enables the lease holder and stockists to directly sell the mineral to the stockists and end users.
  • Online Lease Application enables applicants/industries to apply for any kind of new lease as per standard forms prescribed in GMMCR / MCDR rules through online portal of Geology & Mining.
  • The modular approach for implementation of the system and capacity building sessions have helped stakeholders to get acquainted with the new system.