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Laboratory Introduction

Analyses of mineral samples form a vital step in the value chain of mineral development. Considering this fact, Department of Geology and Mining started its Laboratory wing during 1964-65 and carried out its activities at New Mental Hospital, Ahmedabad till 1986. In 1987, it was shifted at Old Sachivalaya at Block-15, Dr. Jeevraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar. Post that, it was shifted to newly constructed laboratory building having modern facilities with highly sophisticated instruments at Raisan, near PDPU, Gandhinagar. This new laboratory building was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister, Smt. Anandiben Patel on 12th March’16.

The new laboratory at Raisan has various facilities like Capacity of 150 seats, Conference Room, Library, 2lecture rooms, attractive landscape, 2guest rooms, 2committee rooms, and pantry. In this laboratory, there 118 elements in periodic table and from these elements, we are going to analyze 58 elements on highly sophisticated instruments.

The Petrography and Mineral Chemistry laboratory is equipped with modern mineral testing equipment like X-ray Diffractometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Differential Thermal Analyser-cum-Thermal Gravimetric Analyser, Infra Red Spectrophotometer, Particle Size Analyzer, Sedimentation Balance, Modern Microscope with Photo micrographic attachment etc.  

It has the distinction of being recognized as Research and Development Laboratory for minerals. Scientists and analytical staff are well-trained in reputed National and Regional Laboratories. It provides service to the mineral & mining community and mineral based industries for mineral analysis.

Gujarat is endowed with various industrial minerals such as Agate, Limestone, Lignite, Calcite, Fluorite, Bauxite, Bentonite, China Clay etc. Commissioner of Geology and Mining is engaged in the exploration of minerals.

Samples received after prospecting and exploration by the department, public sector undertakings and private entrepreneurs are analyzed in the Petrography and Chemical Laboratory of this Department to establish the physico-chemical characterization of the mineral. Our efforts have been to make available the geological information to entrepreneurs, lease-holders and people active in the mineral development.